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Message from the Governor

2012-2013 Governor

Koshiro Kitazato

It was in 1964, the year of Tokyo Olympics that the first Kiwanis Club in the Asia Pacific was established in Tokyo and we will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2 years.  On the other hand, Kiwanis International was founded in Detroit in 1915, and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 3 years.  The social environment has been changing rapidly during these periods, but Kiwanis has been consistently working on a theme to "support children".  This is the feature and value which we can be proud of as a differentiation factor from other service organizations .

2012-13 International President Tom Dejulio announced a policy of supporting children with the slogan of "Connect, Inspire and Advocate - Our Children, Their Future".  When we think of world trend and future of Japan, I am confident that Kiwanis, with its aim to support children, is becoming more and more important.

In the Japan District, we surveyed club leaders on important factors for 2012-13, and set up the following focal points to improve clubs while fulfilling the motto of Kiwanis, "serving the children of the world".


2012-13 Focal Points of the Japan District
  1. Growth
  2. Impact on Community
  3. Fun & Excitement


"Growth" - Membership of the Japan District is steadily growing.  We welcome female members and young members more than ever to further grow.  We will also adopt flexible membership organization such as club satellites.  We will support and organize young volunteers.  Currently, the Japan District comprises of 29 clubs with KC of Nagasaki established in September, and we are planning to promote new club building further by working out 3-year midterm plan.

"Impact on Community" - Kiwanis is already conducting important services to communities, and we need to publicize this and raise awareness.  In particular, we will publicize the ELIMINATE Project and other volunteer activities to support children.  For this purpose, we need to cooperate with corporate enterprises, associations, and schools.  There is a proposal to have international orientation program for children in cooperation with Asian countries, and I would like to follow this up to put it into action as a part of child-support activities.

"Fun & Excitement" We have great members and the bonds among them which I believe  are  asset of Kiwanis.  You join Kiwanis, and you get a chance to have  heartwarming interaction with members sharing same vision and value.  I would like to further promote this by encouraging fellowship within and among clubs.  We have started SNS like Facebook and Twitter, and planning to have more participants and activate them.

With these steps, we would like to have impact on community, establish Kiwanis brand as fun and exciting community service organization, grow to have diverse membership such as young and female members, and contribute to society.

Lastly, I would like to have some words on ASPAC Convention to be held from March 7 - 9, 2013 in Hiroshima.  I am hoping to have as many members as possible to attend and interact with members from overseas.  We are planning to make it a productive and fun convention, where you can share the excitement, deepen bonds among members both within and among countries, and contribute to further development of Asia Pacific Region.

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