Buheita Fujiwara 2016-2017Governor
To Kiwanis members
and those who are interested in Kiwanis Clubs

Buheita Fujiwara
The Japan District of Kiwanis International


I am Buheita Fujiwara, Governor of the Japan District of Kiwanis International (October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017).

Kiwanis is one of the three major volunteer organizations in the world, along with Rotary and Lions. We have 101 years of history, actively working with “Serving the Children of the World” as our motto. We have more than 7,000 clubs, and around 200,000 members in the world. With youth members such as High School students, we boast having 670,000 members.

There are 33 clubs and 1,900 members in Japan. I aim to make the clubs “fun and meaningful” to all Kiwanians in Japan with following focal points:

  1. Enlargement of “Signature Projects”
    Many Kiwanis Clubs conduct unique activities to serve children and communities, such as “Kiwanis Dolls”, “Restaurants for Neglected Children”, “Maternity Concerts”, and “Show and Tell Presentations of Student’s Volunteer Activities”. I would like to introduce these activities to the world as “Signature Projects”.
  2. Development of Future Leaders
    In Kiwanis, we have a structure to nurture young leaders such as students from Universities, High Schools, and Middle Schools, called SLP (Service Leadership Program). There are around 270,000 “Key Club” members which consist of High School students in the world. Quite recently, we established one “Circle K” which consists of University students, one “Key Club” of High School students, and one “Builders Club” of Middle School students. With one “Circle K” which was established in the year before, there are four SLP’s in Japan now. We began conducting “comparing notes” events among these clubs. We will continue our efforts to stablish new SLP clubs, while strengthening support to them.
  3. Increasing Kiwanis Members and Interactions with Foreign Clubs
    More members means more impacts, and more friendships. I intend to open three new clubs and to invite 325 new members during this administrative year. In 2016, Fukuoka Club became sister club with Phnom Penh Club of Cambodia, and Tokyo Club became sister club with Lafayette Club of Indiana, USA. I try to further enhance interactions with Kiwanis Clubs worldwide.