2014-2015 Governor Kimiko Horii

Kiwanis International celebrates 100th anniversary in 2015, Kiwanis Japan also steps out to next 50 years history after 50th anniversary in 2014.
We will make this memorable year as a starting point to build up Kiwanis Brand in Japan!!

Hello fellow Kiwanians and Welcome to future Kiwanians who visit this site!

Kimiko Horii
2014-2015 Governor

2014 Kiwanis International convention held in Makuhari together with Asia Pacific Convention which is the first ever joint event for whole Kiwanis history has made a great success receiving high acknowledgement internally and externally. Many Kiwanians all over the world was strongly impressed with friendship extended by Japanese Kiwanians.

We, Japanese Kiwanians, also, were deeply impressed with the fact that all the clubs around world actually doing something good for the children that is what we are all about. Because of our dedicated service to the children in the world, Kiwanis is now celebrating its 100th anniversary. Not many organizations enjoyed great history and great future.

This year, I put strategic focus of Kiwanis Japan into following 5points.。

  1. Expand our friends who will work together for the goodness of children.
  2. We, Kiwanis Japan already made commitment of 1 millon dollars donation to Eliminate project. With this amount, we can save 600,000 mother from the tragedy to have babies they cannot hag even one second. Let’s make commitment into fulfillment
  3. Something good for Japanese children. On top of the services we are doing in all the clubs individually, we are now considering possibility of having All Japan service program. Task force has been set up and will come up with ideas before mid year.
  4. Involve young generation to Kiwanis activities. Tokyo club and Ashiya Club have already started exchange with university students’ activity. We will expand this type of program into other areas in Japan
  5. Celebrate KI’s 100th anniversary by sending 100 delegates from Japan to Indianapolis in June 2015.
    Also in order to increase awareness of the Kiwanis Clubs in Japan, we will have Kiwanis One day project in April. We will make special recognition to the club who have unique and meaningful program on Kiwanis One day.

Let’s make strategic movement toward coming half century and establish Kiwanis Brand through service, fellowship and fun!