Let’s aim for a great Kiwanis Club that actualizes dreams of children

Koji “George” Yoshida 2018-2019 Governor

Koji “George” Yoshida
2018-2019 Governor

Fellow Kiwanians and supporters, I am Koji “George” Yoshida, having an honor to serve as Governor of the Japan District. In the past, I served as District Secretary for two years, and Secretary of the 2014 International Convention in Tokyo-Chiba. Using these experiences, I will do my best to have further development of the Japan District.

The theme for 2018-2019 is “From good to great". There are many good clubs in Japan, but great clubs are rare.

There are five criteria to become a great club:

  1. Growing in membership,
  2. Revitalizing Kiwanis image,
  3. Enhancing education,
  4. Addressing issues,
  5. Terminating dependence on dues.

To make your club great, I would like to ask each one of the members to consider how you can achieve these five criteria. By having more members, Kiwanis’ name known to everybody, great leaders nurtured, problems solved, and having more income, we can save more children and actualize their dreams.

Kiwanis is a worldwide volunteer organization. The essence of volunteerism is spontaneous, free of cost, altruistic, and in advance. Mr. Haruo Obata, who found a 2 year-old boy who was missing for three days in Yamaguchi Prefecture is called a “super volunteer”, and is embodying these four essences. He goes to affected areas spontaneously, digs out muds and reorganizes spread-out furnitures. He served as a leader of “Memory Finding Team” that finds photos buried in debris and bring them back to owners for 500 days. Mr. Obata tries not to trouble victims by bringing his own food and drinks, goes by car in which he sleeps. At the age of 77, he willingly accepts heavy physical works. He says he trains himself every day for that purpose. I do not ask you to do this much, but to do social service activity with the essence of volunteerism in mind and sensitivity to social and children’s needs, I believe our Kiwanis Clubs will become great, actualizing children’s dreams. Then, Kiwanis Clubs will be considered “super volunteer clubs”. I would like to visit as many clubs as possible to express these thoughts, and listen to each one of your opinions. Let us make our Kiwanis Clubs great, benignant and fun.