Koshiro ‘Kit’ Kitazato
Kiwanis International Trustee

"Share the passion for serving the children of the world"

2014/04/11 Visits to Chiba Prefecture Governor Kensaku Morita and Chiba City Mayor Toshihito Kumagai with KI President Gunter Gasser

I accompanied International President Gunter Gasser and first lady Christiana to meet Chiba Prefecture Governor Kensaku Morita and Chiba City Mayor Toshihito Kumagai. They are very supportive to Kiwanis. Gunter and Christiana attended the 40th Anniversary dinner of Kiwanis Club of Yokohama and 50th Anniversary dinner of Kiwanis Club of Tokyo. Gunter and Christiana also visited Kiwanis Club of Sendai and the tsunami stricken areas. Gunter and Christiana gave very positive impact on Japan District by encouraging and inspiring Kiwanians in support of their volunteering projects here.

2014/02/27~03/01 ASPAC Education Conference and ASPAC Executive Board Meeting

I attended ASPAC Educational Conference held in Kuala Lumpur on February 27-28 followed by the ASPAC Executive Board meeting held on March 1. We discussed growth, SLP and Eliminate Project. Very useful and inspiring discussions conducted. I presented Tokyo-Chiba Convention 2014 at the ASPAC Executive Board. Also attended Charter Night for Kiwanis Bander Baru Klang , Malaysia on March 1. We had great time.

2014/02/23 Taiwan All Club President Meeting

I visited Taiwan to attend Kiwanis Taiwan all club president meeting held in Taichung on February 23, 2014. I made presentation of Tokyo-Chiba Convention 2014 to be held in July this year in Makuhari, Chiba. I was happy to receive very positive response shown by the Kiwanis Taiwan people toward the participation in the convention. I was overwhelmed by the energy of Kiwanians in Taiwan.

2014/01/21 Heading for Kiwanis Headquarters

I will be visiting Kiwanis International Office in Indianapolis to attend Kiwanis International Board Meeting as a guest on behalf of ASPAC Chairman Tadao Oda who could not attend due to his family engagement.

I will arrive there on January 21st, 2014, which is a special day of the 99th anniversary of Kiwanis. I know on this special day, World-wide Report Day for Eliminate Regional Coordinators will also be held.

I look forward to inspiring discussions among Kiwanis leadership team for a great cause of Building the Bridges for Children to the Future.